Design and Ideas | Simply Frameless - Part 2

First-home buyers have had it tough in the market in the last few years, with endless increases in prices across Australia. The relentless uptrend has left many first-home buyers struggling to keep up with finance and deposit requirements. Are we going to see reprieve in 2022?

In COP26 earlier this year, the world leaders came together and agreed on the way forward for a more sustainable future, together with initiatives that governments and countries around the world is committing to follow. Even though the initiatives are far-reaching and out of any individual’s direct scope, we must all take part and pull our own weight in order to collectively reach the ambitious targets that have been set for years to come. (more…)

In our last article, we discussed the impending supply chain crisis and how that can start to cause major havoc and disruptions to many sectors, in particular the construction industry. The rippling effects of the supply chain disruptions are now well underway with many builders feeling the painful pinch of having to honour fixed price contracts whilst basic materials such as timber skyrocket in prices. (more…)

We are at crossroads and within an arm’s length to falling off a cliff towards the disparity between supply and demand of raw materials. The stimulus-fuelled demand for real-estate and straining supply chain as disruptions continue to pose challenges globally is coming up to an almighty squeeze as raw materials are being depleted at a rapid rate. This will have a significant impact on various industries with the construction industry being the centre-piece of the crisis. (more…)

Crossing paths with tradies is unavoidable, whether you are actioning renovations or building a new house. How to find and identify a good one is another story altogether. Let us explore and share some useful tips on how to identify and tell which ones are better fit. (more…)

As we approach a COVID-normal summer in Australia whilst the rest of the world struggles to contain their winter outbreaks in the northern hemisphere, the chances of Australians having a COVID-normal Christmas is increasingly likely thanks to our brutal but effective suppression strategy. This also means that businesses in the building and construction industries are beginning to go back to semi-normal operations, after a year like no other in recent history. (more…)

As we edge past the 2-week mark of the Stage-4 Melbourne lockdown, it is draining and extremely challenging for both businesses and everyone psychologically. Stage-4 restrictions allow for constructions to continue in a restricted manner, whilst all non-essential businesses are to be shut down and employees to work from home if possible. (more…)

Glass Bridge Victoria Lockdown Quiet

As we descend into another lockdown period of 6-weeks with the Pandemic looking like it will get worse before it gets better, many of us are left grappling what other surprises the remainder of 2020 will throw at us. The inevitable financial cliff at the end of September is just one of the things on everyone’s minds. What kind of position are you in? Do you have financial stability to be able to take advantage of downturn round 2? (more…)

With the arrival of 2020, we brace for another eventful yet exciting year ahead. The year of 2020 will see some of the interior trends stay and mature while others move out of fashion. Below are some of top trends to watch for this year, whether you are building a new home or renovating an existing space. (more…)

After an unchanged official cash rate since 2016, the RBA has just announced a rate cut of 25 basis points.

What does this mean for you? The answer is, it is good news for most. Whether you are a business, real-estate agent, exporters or property owners, the rate cut will put extra cash savings back into your pocket. Although with a rate drop it may improve housing affordability, it will not make a huge difference as prices has already been on a down-wards trend.

Whilst the rate drop may stabilise the real-estate economy, it still makes selling in the immediate future grim due to how much prices have dropped already in the last 24 months. The extra cash savings however will produce a nice buffer and extra budget to action more of those renovations that are months or years overdue. What better time to do renovations than when:

– You have extra cash savings from your existing mortgage due to the rate cut
– Contractors have a lot more availability due to the current housing down-turn
– House prices are slowly stabilising however are still in a dipped state

As with every change, there are always losers. In this case, the savers who has cash in a savings account will be feeling the rate cut in a negative way. Property prices stabilising may also spell trouble for First Home Buyers in terms of affordability especially in major cities like Melbourne and Sydney where current prices are already out of reach of many.

Have you ever wanted to let your imagination run wild and see how various aspects of your house will look with different materials? Advancements in software technologies and 3D rendering mean that conceptual ideas and reality have never been so close to each other.

Various modelling software such as SketchUp makes it a relatively painless experience to conceptualise your ideal kitchen or bathroom prior to renovation work; no more excuses for not knowing how things will turn out anymore as advanced modelling can pretty accurately visualise what previously was just pure imagination.

Stuck for ideas? Here are the most popular ones to give you a jump-start:

  • Over-sized / Dual showers with a large shower screen – magnify that space and never cramp in a small confined cubicle again.
  • Kitchen splashback colour – matching your splashback to your kitchen theme is extremely important; pick the right colour to match and the glass splashback will look clean, modern and elegant.
  • Lucky enough to have a swimming pool in your backyard? Enhance the beautiful colour of the water in the pool with minimalistic but strong glass fencing.
  • 2-storey house? Make your stairs stand out and your corridor open up with a classy glass staircase.

Do not confine yourself and think outside the box. Glass is ideal to use in many different places around your home; take advantage of its inherent unique properties hard to find in other substituting materials.

If you are still not sure about how or where glass can help, get in touch with Simply Frameless and we will be more than happy to assist where we can.

Have your eye on a bathroom renovation or designing your brand new house and need some ideas? Check out these popular ideas that will hopefully give you some fresh new ideas on bathrooms styles that last 2018 and beyond.

The trend of late for homes have been increasingly open and modern to give the spacious and sophisticated feeling. Bathrooms are no exception to this and, much like the kitchen, we like our space and feeling of a beautifully large and modern area.

Some factors essential in achieving the modern and spacious effects to consider are the height of the roof, colour, placement of mirrors and the use of glass. Without actually increasing the size of your bathroom, these components have a powerful ability in influencing how space is perceived and can magnify even a tight space if used correctly.

Oversized Bathroom Tiles are widely used and trendy as it gives a more positive perception of space compared to smaller conventional tiles which seem tightly mapped and crowded. Larger tiles are also a lot easier to clean which is a big deal when it comes to bathrooms as this is the place where they will be continually exposed to moisture and water. Choose a modern colour matching other components of the bathroom to get that perfect modern look and feel.

Glass with Timber Combo; the ageless combo. And this isn’t exclusively coming into trend in 2018, it has already been widely used previously. This combination never seems to get old and is the perfect look in almost all parts of the house including the bathroom. Magnify and stress the beautiful timber and wooden elements of your bathroom as well as other parts of the house by positioning glass elements in front, behind or on top of element viewing angles.

Ceiling Showers have been used extensively in luxury hotels and resorts world-wide. Why not give yourself the feeling of luxury at home by implementing ceiling showers? Not only is the feeling of water coming down from overhead enjoyable, it is also elegant and a space saver.

Catch onto these trends in 2018 and make sure you future-proof the bathroom of your dreams!

As we say goodbye to 2017, we welcome 2018 with open arms. The arrival of a new year comes with the usual “New Year Resolution” targets we set for ourselves. Why not start 2018 with a customary new year tidy-up?

We are however not referring to your every-day spring clean. Past experience and some surveys have suggested that unnecessary complexities can cause stress and anxiety. Keeping things simple can mean a much more stress-free lifestyle which makes a huge difference to health and well-being in the long run.

Your principle place of residence is where you relax and wind-down. Such an important place to one’s everyday life should have the qualities to give optimal relaxation and tranquility. Unnecessary clutter and complexities at home can hinder your ability to have the much-needed rest after a hard day at the office, so why not make your new year’s resolution a complete tidy-up of your home so that you can come back to a spacious, relaxing environment for the rest of the year (and foreseeable future)?

Keeping things simple is easily said, but harder to achieve. The main principle to remember is to not have too many “elements” visible or happening at once.
Mirrors and glass possesses unique properties to magnify space. Having more space (or the perception of) naturally reduces clutter and busyness which in turn achieves the minimalism and simplicity we are seeking for.

Talk to Simply Frameless today and see how little changes around your home can yield big results in the long run.
From the team at Simply Frameless, happy 2018 and safe travels.

Before we know it, Christmas is less than 4 weeks away. Where did 2017 go, we hear you ask. Got that long-overdue renovation for the pool-side or bathroom that you have been procrastinating since the beginning of the year?

Don’t let the final few weeks of the year slip by and get it done! Whether it’s the bathroom, kitchen or that pool-side renovation, get it completed and put it into action over the festive season.

It’s all about family and getting together this time of the year, make it a stylish one and impress by making your home look magnificent. It is summer after all and a relaxing pool-side swim will most certainly be on the cards for everyone. So why not make it an unforgettable experience for your family and friends?

Feeling stuck? Don’t worry. Just take the step to reach out, and our experienced staff at Simply Frameless will guide you to the best solution satisfying your particular requirement whilst fitting the timeline given. But don’t delay further as we are fast approaching the end of 2017.

Mirrors have been around for a long time. Although not perceived positively by everyone, one will struggle to argue against its uses in interior designs which until modern day is still current and utilised extensively.

Mirrors have had a long history with one if its first dating back approximately 600 B.C. The first mirrors were extremely simplistic and were often made out of pool of water in a dark coloured container, or later evolving to be made out of copper, silver bronze and gold. The modern manufacturing process of mirrors were only developed in the 1800’s.

Although there are many uses for mirrors, it has also had its fair share of bad publicity. There are sayings of negative events happening around breaking a mirror or using it incorrectly. These superstitions often originated from the ancient times and have been passed down through generations until today.

With the ancient superstitious sayings aside, mirrors are wonderful to work with when used correctly. They are functional, reflective and can have a positive effect when designed into a room with limited space.

When used in conjunction with interior design, mirrors are often referred to have the properties of space magnification, endless ceiling and flotation effect. Being a focal point as well as many styles of decoration is also something that mirrors possess the abilities of enhancing.

Puzzled about when and where to use mirrors in your new or renovation project? Speak to Simply Frameless for professional ideas and directions today.

Great looking Kitchen Splashbacks are an integral part of designing a modern-look cooking area. Let’s go through some of the most popular Splashback trends and why glass may be your choice of the bunch.

The truth is, there are a wide range of materials available for Kitchen Splashbacks. From slab tiles to glass and the rustic-looking stainless steel, one would be spoilt for choice when renovating or designing a new kitchen.

There are many factors to consider when making the call on the material of your Kitchen Splashback, here are a few factors to consider:

  • How do you want your kitchen and house to look overall?
  • Design and space constraints; will this affect and limit your choices?
  • Practicality; is it easy to clean and how good can the material sustain residue such as heat, oils and moisture?
  • Affordability; this does come into play as some materials are simply more expensive than others.

If you can answer the above questions with confidence you will probably already have shortlisted a few different styles in mind. One of the most popular materials chosen for Kitchen Splashbacks and with ever-increasing popularity in the modern-day design is glass. There are a few appealing properties to glass that makes it the ideal candidate when considering your next Kitchen Splashback:

  • Because of the materialistic properties of glass, it is often very easy to clean and maintain in the long run.
  • Glass Splashbacks are often very design-friendly, comes in a wide range of both colours / variations and gives the modern style look to your Kitchen.
  • Recent advancements in production and technology means that it is now safer, more resistant and as cost-effective as ever to design and install Glass Splashbacks for your new or existing kitchen renovation project.

Interested in finding out more?
Get in touch with Simply Frameless and speak to us for an obligation-free consultation on your next kitchen project.

There is no doubt that glass possesses a lot of qualities. We see and use it everyday without knowing; it is all around us and has become an important part of our lives. But did you know these things about glass?

  1. The first evidence of man-made glass dates back to approximately 5000 years ago.
  2. Ordinary glass turns brown when it is exposed to nuclear radiation.
  3. Glass has the ability to be recycled indefinitely all whilst retaining its original quality.
  4. It is estimated that more than a ton of natural resources can be saved for every ton of glass that is recycled.
  5. One can have enough energy to power a 100w bulb for a considerable amount of time (1+ hours) by the energy saved from recycling a single glass bottle.
  6. China were late to the game (approximately 5 centuries late) but now has approximately 34% of the global market; in other words the largest producer of glass in the world.
  7. Decomposing glass completely and naturally will take more than a million years under normal landfill conditions, making it pretty much indecomposable.
  8. When glass breakage occurs, the crack inside the glass travels at approximately 3000mph.
  9. It is estimated that the use of recycled glass has helped and will continue to help cut air pollution by approximately 20%.
  10. The official “Glass Recycling Month” is September.

Have you done your glass recycling this month?

Glass is one of those things that most people have come to love, whether its part of design for your home, convenience or safety. The technology of glass has come a long way and as it is widely used, therefore continual improvements and advancements are being made everyday.

Glass has many enhancing properties that makes it the ideal candidate for your upcoming renovations and projects. Whether it be balustrades, showers or pool-fencing, glass makes everything look modern and elegant.

Here are some advantages of glass to consider in helping decide material of choice for your next renovation project:

  • A wonderful way to showcase your beautiful home, glass will enhance the overall appearance of your home in adding a touch of stunning.
  • The see-through property of the glass substance will give the perception of larger space.
  • For being environmentally friendly, glass is 100% recyclable without degradation.
  • Glass allows natural light through meaning a brighter home and more sunlight in winter months.
  • Being fully weather resistant, glass is the ideal candidate for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Because glass is glossy, it has a stunning and sophisticated look and can also be easily maintained / cleaned.
  • Glass can be strong (dependent on which type), and can also be shatterproof to improve safety.

Make use of glass today; take your next project to a new level of elegance, simplicity and beauty!