Design and Ideas The Cautiously Optimistic 2021

21/01/2021by simplyframe

As we finally farewell the nightmarish 2020 and welcome an optimistic looking 2021, there is much uncertainty both in the domestic and global economy. The pandemic is very well still in full-swing, as countries take cautious steps towards a new norm.

The outlook for the property market in Australia is seemingly mixed, with varied projections for both an upwards and downwards momentum, which ultimately signals uncertainty and volatility in the months to come. With much of the travel restrictions still in place, record low interest rates and stimulus money continuing until at least March 2021, the property market is now seeing renewed interest, especially in less-popular regional pockets which signals a general desire to get away from the major cities.

Whether your interest lies in the regional or metropolitan areas, contractors in the building and construction industries are seeing record demand for their services, with many already booked out until the end of the year. Regardless of whether you are considering a new build or a renovation, it would be wise to finalise your plans swiftly to avoid a lengthy delay.

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