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A SimplyFrameless shower screen is the highlight of any bathroom. When you are looking for a frameless shower in Melbourne that is a true representation of your needs and your personality come to us and give your bathroom the SimplyFrameless touch.

SimplyFrameless glass products are at the cutting edge of design trends and technology in frameless shower screens Melbourne wide. A wide variety of configurations and hardware finishes are available to suit any customer’s needs. Fitted to the highest standard, a SimplyFrameless shower screen is made with Australian-made 10mm toughened grade A safety glass measured to the exact fit required for any bathroom. With our modern and original design ideas, your bathroom can become anything you want it..

to be. Whether you want a relaxing oasis or a clean-cut modern style shower, we have the expertise, staff and set of skills to give you what you want. Hardware can be provided in polished chrome, satin chrome and gold and we can arrange other finishes on request. At SimplyFrameless we strive to satisfy our customers and work hard to exceed your expectations with every single project. A SimplyFrameless shower screen installation will take up to 10 business days.

Top Choice of Frameless Glass Shower Screens by Melbourne Homeowners

Homeowners in Melbourne love frameless glass shower screens! They're a top choice for anyone looking to upgrade their bathroom. These screens provide a modern look and allow for a greater sense of space. Plus, they're easier to keep clean than traditional shower curtains or doors. Whether you're planning a renovation or simply want to update your space, consider frameless glass shower screens!

Simply Frameless has been a top choice for frameless glass shower screens by Melbourne homeowners. We are experts in providing high-quality products and services, which is why we offer a lifetime guarantee on all our work. Our friendly team of professionals will come to your home or business, spend time with you to find out what you want, and listen to your concerns and ideas before giving suggestions that are tailored just for you. Simply Frameless guarantees the best possible outcome while respecting both budget and timeline.

Why Should You Update Frameless Glass Shower Screens for Your Bathroom?

When you are looking for an update to your bathroom, consider updating the framed glass shower screens. The frameless design is not only more modern but also easier on its surroundings because no metal frame or cage can get dirty and ruin any surrounding tiles! Why go with something old when new technology allows us much better features?

Updating your frameless glass shower screens can do wonders for your bathroom. Not only will it add a touch of luxury, but it can also help to make your space appear more spacious and open. If you're looking for ways to breathe new life into your bathroom, then consider frameless glass shower screens as an option.

Frameless shower screens are one of the most popular products that we offer at Simply Frameless. We have a wide variety of frameless glass options for you to choose from, including tempered and laminated. You can also find frameless glass with beautiful textures such as textured aluminium or frosted glass.

Frameless shower screens provide an elegant, modern look in your bathroom while keeping it safe by preventing water leakage and accidents caused by rusted tracks. We manufacture our custom hardware so that every product is unique and tailored to suit your needs and tastes. Choose between a single panel or double pane design which will allow you more space inside your shower enclosure as well as maintain privacy when bathing with no need for curtains!

Why Should You Choose Frameless Over Framed Glass Shower Screens?

Some people might think that framed shower screens are better because they look more traditionally “finished.” However, there are many reasons to choose a frameless glass shower screen.

Frameless shower screens give your bathroom a more modern look. They are also easier to clean because there are no nooks and crannies for dirt and grime to accumulate. Framed glass doors require annual cleaning, but frameless panels do not. This is because they're sealed with silicone that doesn't accumulate soap scum or water stains like framed glasses can.

Another advantage of frameless shower screens is that they make your bathroom look bigger. This is because they allow light to pass through, giving the illusion of more space. You get the benefit of a completely unobstructed view while you bathe, which many homeowners find incredibly appealing when compared to traditional framed glass doors.

Simply Frameless is your one-stop shop for frameless glass shower screens, bathroom mirrors and all the accessories you need to make it happen. With years of experience in the industry, our team can help you find a frameless solution that fits your budget and style. Our products are custom made with high-quality materials which means they're guaranteed not to fog up or yellow over time - an issue some competitors have experienced.




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