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Everyone stands to gain in the long run with the wage and personal income tax cuts being the core focus of the 2019 Australian Federal Budget.

Glass is one of those things that most people have come to love, whether its part of design for your home, convenience or safety. The technology of glass has come a long way and as it is widely used, therefore continual improvements and advancements are being made everyday.

Glass has many enhancing properties that makes it the ideal candidate for your upcoming renovations and projects. Whether it be balustrades, showers or pool-fencing, glass makes everything look modern and elegant.

Here are some advantages of glass to consider in helping decide material of choice for your next renovation project:

  • A wonderful way to showcase your beautiful home, glass will enhance the overall appearance of your home in adding a touch of stunning.
  • The see-through property of the glass substance will give the perception of larger space.
  • For being environmentally friendly, glass is 100% recyclable without degradation.
  • Glass allows natural light through meaning a brighter home and more sunlight in winter months.
  • Being fully weather resistant, glass is the ideal candidate for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Because glass is glossy, it has a stunning and sophisticated look and can also be easily maintained / cleaned.
  • Glass can be strong (dependent on which type), and can also be shatterproof to improve safety.

Make use of glass today; take your next project to a new level of elegance, simplicity and beauty!

Unless you are a big fan of eating out regularly, your kitchen is probably one of your most utilised places at home. This is even more so if your place of residence is housing more than a couple of people, so why not let this workspace at home encompass your characteristics and style?

One of the bigger trends that we are seeing in 2017 is unique and personalised kitchen splashbacks symbolising expression of character. Long gone are the boring splashbacks which came stock-standard with the house, let your kitchen have a breathe of fresh air and revitalise the area to make cooking and food preparation fun again.

With the recent advancements in technology, custom splashbacks are now a lot more mainstream and commonly adopted. Depending on your personality and the overall design of your home, splashbacks can be customised to encapsulate various colour schemes, abstract prints or even photos. Expression of character should always be more important than worrying about resalability of your home in the future.

Get in touch with Simply Frameless to find out how you can best reflect some character and personality to your kitchen today.

Whether you are a SME or large corporate organisation, looking after employees and giving them a workplace they look forward to being part of every day of the week is one of the most important factors to reducing staff turn-over. Unfortunately many organisations are overlooking this influential aspect which could be the difference between employees decision to stay or look for opportunities elsewhere.

Environment at work is important due to the sheer amount of time we all spend at the office. We do not compromise on our sleeping environment, so why should we for a place we spend nearly as much time as we are in bed every week?

Workplace is not necessarily all about work, as keeping healthy and having a lifestyle at the same time is equally as important. This will ensure our longevity both with our well-being and also loyalty with employers. Having the correct facilities to encourage workplace lifestyle is a good starting point to driving this positive initiative.

Does your organisation encourage interaction and activities during work hours? Are there proper facilities to encourage these initiatives in the first place? Give your workplace stylish bathroom / showering facilities and modern glass concepts; something that your employees will look forward to everyday.

As they say, little things can make big differences in the long-run, and it’s never too late to start.