Design and Ideas Survival of the Fittest During Stage-4 Lockdown

12/08/2020by Ron Lemons

As we edge past the 2-week mark of the Stage-4 Melbourne lockdown, it is draining and extremely challenging for both businesses and everyone psychologically. Stage-4 restrictions allow for constructions to continue in a restricted manner, whilst all non-essential businesses are to be shut down and employees to work from home if possible.

During the first wave of lockdown restrictions in March this year, then the second wave of lockdown restrictions in July escalating to Stage-4 lockdown the Melburnians are currently facing, we find ourselves spending over 40% more time at home. As children can no longer attend school / childcare and workplaces / offices can no longer open, our residences are now more important than ever. Schooling, education, work and entertainment are all now under one roof we call home.

Making your home more comfortable and suited to cater for all the purposes mentioned above is becoming increasingly important for everyone. Rethinking the renovations and home improvements to action now or in the near future will ensure optimum utilisation in the months to come, as COVID-19 is looking like it is here to stay for the foreseeable future.

Facing these tough restrictions and the very resilient COVID-19, one can take a positive mindset and see it as a blessing in disguise; an opportunity to spend more time at home with close family and at the same time improve the way we live by making incremental improvements around the house to make staying at home for a prolonged amount of time more gratifying.

What is your next home renovation idea?