Design and Ideas Your Bathroom Hero

11/08/2018by simplyframe

Whether it’s a renovation or a new house, one of the the most challenging to design for is the bathroom. It is often the area with the minimum amount of space and lighting with the most number of necessities to cram in.

The bathroom is one place you do not want to take shortcuts on with planning and constructions. Playing such an important role in our everyday life and use, bathrooms are prone to a lot of water / moisture in its lifetime. Proper planning ahead of time is crucial both to the design and the functional waterproofing aspects of baths, shower screens, toilets and basins.

Both frameless and semi-frameless shower screens are an ideal solution to the requirements of a well-designed bathroom. Frameless glass designs will enhance perception of space whilst providing long-lasting and proven moisture resistance.
Making a decision between frameless or semi-frameless shower screens will largely depend on the design requirements, budgetary constraints and your personal preferences.

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