Design and Ideas Creating the Day-Spa Trend at Home

05/10/2018by simplyframe

The collective focus on the wellness of our body and soul is a trending topic much discussed in the previous years but also in 2018. As the fast-paced digital life evolves around us, we find ourselves needing to dedicate more focus and concentration on our general well-being.

A day-spa inspired bathroom that re-creates the atmosphere and resonating feeling of being in a lavish five-star hotel is the perfect day to wind down from a busy day at work. The luxuries of coming home knowing that there is a dedicated tranquil space to replenish your body and soul is more and more sought after in the modern-day work life balance.

Start creating the perfect place dedicated to reenergising your body and soul, accessible to you on-demand at anytime. The beauty and elegance of frameless glass coupled with a platform-mounted freestanding tub will already take you half way there. Reserve dedicated space for a few scented candles in front of the oversized frameless mirror overlooking your custom rain shower-heads. As the frameless glass magnifies all the elements in the bathroom with the natural light reflections, you have successfully created your very own private day-spa atmosphere.

Get in touch to see how we can help transform your bathroom into a resort-like space; a place to truely indulge and escape from reality.