Design and Ideas Start 2019 Colourful

17/01/2019by simplyframe

As we move swiftly into 2019, another year comes together with all the new year resolutions that we promise ourselves to embark on between now and 2020. 2019 is going to be an interesting year for all of us, with much happening around the world.

The evolution of our world and economy continues to move at a pace like never before, with digital technology and social media platforms becoming more embedded into our daily lives. The representation of the fusion of modern life is the reason behind why Pantone has chosen “Living Coral” to be the colour of 2019.

Whilst no single colour is universally loved due to our different perspectives and preferences, one cannot deny that modern vibrant colours are often associated with positivity, motivation and liveliness.

Mirrors and glass are perfect compliments to a vibrant and colourful interior space. When used correctly, important elements are magnified and reflected to produce breathtaking effects; the looks of a dream home turned into reality.

Change things up in 2019, go for the modern and bright to start the year with renewed motivation.
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