Design and Ideas 5 Renovation Areas to Consider for Your Home

16/12/2020by simplyframe

As we approach a COVID-normal summer in Australia whilst the rest of the world struggles to contain their winter outbreaks in the northern hemisphere, the chances of Australians having a COVID-normal Christmas is increasingly likely thanks to our brutal but effective suppression strategy. This also means that businesses in the building and construction industries are beginning to go back to semi-normal operations, after a year like no other in recent history.

This is good news on all fronts for everyone who has been seriously considering a renovation project, but hindered by the eventful 2020 thus far. To sweeten the deal further, governments have extended the HomeBuilder incentivisation which was supposedly ending at the end of December 2020, now to 31st March, 2021.

Still stuck for ideas? Below are 5 of the most popular and value-driven renovation areas carried out by Australians:

  1. Kitchen: one of the most valued and signature areas of a home, the kitchen area has become somewhat the benchmark when comparing homes. The kitchen has the potential to bring out character and statement, making it the ideal place to start on renovation projects of all sizes.
  2. Bathroom: the personality building area, the bathroom is both private yet revealing. It is the central place that defines a home’s luxurious feel, and internally, it is often considered as an important feature area.
  3. Swimming Pool: an external feature that cannot be missed, the swimming pool creates a resort style luxury feel to the home. The blue lagoon-like water, alongside the see-through frameless glass fencing will leave your guests, and even yourself, breathless.
  4. Mirrored Wardrobes: who does not like a big home? Why not enlarge your home further in a cost effective way by implementing mirrored wardrobes in all your bedrooms? Mirrors have the ability to enlarge even the smallest of spaces, so whether you are inside a studio apartment or a 5-bedroom house, make it larger by strategically placing mirrors in key areas.
  5. Balcony and Balustrades: a balcony is a lifestyle statement. Your very own view overlooking the reserve / city / scenery is the ultimate prize when winding down from a busy day, or waking up first thing in the morning to one. Glass frameless balustrading elevates your balcony to another level, enlarging and adding an upmarket feel to your home overall. Coupled with frameless glass fencing around the swimming pool, you can be sure others will leave your home envious.