Design and Ideas Lockdown Round 2 – What It Means For All of Us

15/07/2020by simplyframe
Glass Bridge Victoria Lockdown Quiet

As we descend into another lockdown period of 6-weeks with the Pandemic looking like it will get worse before it gets better, many of us are left grappling what other surprises the remainder of 2020 will throw at us. The inevitable financial cliff at the end of September is just one of the things on everyone’s minds. What kind of position are you in? Do you have financial stability to be able to take advantage of downturn round 2?

With the HomeBuilder grant well under way, many of us are opinionated towards the scheme being gimmicky due to its minimum spending criteria ($150,000 and upwards). Whilst not ideal to all, many can and still will take advantage. If renovation has always been in your to-do list and you have sufficient cashflow to carry out the work, now is a good time.

In alignment with some of the biggest falls recorded in rental demand and pricing in Victoria, the consumer sentiment still remains very mixed with the index plunging more than 10% in Victoria alone due to the return of the lockdown. Some analysts are saying that although the consumer sentiment is collapsing, there is still a generally positive outlook on property.

Being in such a volatile environment so far in 2020, it is indeed tricky to evaluate what may constitute the right timing to invest or save. The government stimuli such as HomeBuilder is designed to encourage people to spend, however that certainly does not mean you have to, as each one of us are a very different situation financially. Please seek sound financial advice and make an informed decision.

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