Design and Ideas Bathroom: The Unexpected Colour

06/08/2019by simplyframe

As the property market face turmoil in the recent times, we turn our attention back to how you can make your home a space for relaxation and rewind.

The trend of funky unexpected colours in the bathrooms is gathering momentum with home-owners in 2019. Coloured tapwear and accented wall colouring is the perfect combo to make a statement in your home.

Coloured tapwear is now common with matte black being one of the most popular in the array of selection spanning to brushed nickel and copper. It is important to match all tapwear to remain consistent throughout otherwise it is easy to overcomplicate colours in a relatively confined space.

It is much the same story for wall-colouring; bold colour can be used and trending ones include darker accents such as deep forest green which can channel the uniqueness of one’s bathroom. As with coloured tapwear, one must opt for consistency even with bold and unexpected colours in order to keep things timeless.

To achieve a level of consistency, a healthy dose of mirrors and glass can be cleverly incorporated to lift the profile of your selected theme. Both glass and mirrors project and magnify the surrounds, making it a wise choice to utilise disproportionately in achieving the funky, bold yet minimalistic modern feel.