Design and Ideas Smart Uses of Glass with Colour

04/12/2018by simplyframe

Often we confine the use of glass and its properties as minimalism and space magnification. However the reality is, glass is a lot more agile in design terms and its potential application.

By utilising glass with the right colours, this can add life and give your home a vibrancy boost.
Minimalism is a style that is preferred by many, however adding some controlled vibrancy and funkiness to elements of home interior design may just be the refreshing change we are looking for.

Some of the elements around your home to consider adding a bit of colour are:
– Kitchen Splashbacks
– Coloured Bathroom Tiles behind the Shower Screen
– Tinted Glass Stair-Case or Coloured Stairs
– Frosted or Tinted Glass Balustrading

If you are unsure about how to apply colour and whether it is suitable for your home, talk to your home interior designer for ideas.
Talk to Simply Frameless today to see if your ideas are viable and see how we are able to help you realise your design.