Design and Ideas The Crazy Year of 2019

03/12/2019by simplyframe

From both a global and domestic perspective, we’ve experienced one of the most whirlwind and eventful years of late.

At a global scale, the US-China trade-war and the Hong Kong protests are just two of the many things that til today, is still ongoing and impactful on worldwide economies.

In Australia, we have seen the official cash rate entering territories we have not seen before. The property market dip earlier in the year quickly recovered and now looks to be gaining momentum towards treading new heights.

Yet in the mix of positive property market signs, many more concerning trends are arising. Retail spending in Australia is sitting at its lowest level since the early-90’s recession. The growth of market sector excluding mining is at a measly 0.3%, worse than those periods of the most recent GFC.

What does this all mean? There are a myriad of forecasts and predictions around but the truth is nobody knows with certainty. If everyone was to agree on one thing, it would be that 2020 is shaping up to be an impactful year ahead.

If you own a home, it could be a good time to polish up areas that could do with a renovation or makeover. As near-record number of cashed-up Australians rush back into the booming property market, it is hard to predict when or how your property may sell in the near future.

As we enter the turbulent and unpredictable year of 2020, the boom in the property market is set to continue whilst economists warn that we are teetering on the edge of recession.
Perhaps it is not such a bad idea after all to achieve liquidity as we march towards 2021?

From the team at Simply Frameless, we wish you a very Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year ahead and safe travels over the holiday season.