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As the market-shock sets in after a higher than expected 50 basis-point rate hike, the steepest hike in 22-years, borrower’s anxiety are now in full motion as expensive mortgages and loans come into fruition. How much more pain do the borrowers have to endure until reprieve?

A lot is to be uncertain about recently with the current global landscape. Political conflicts and inflation scares are two of the primary factors driving the fear narrative worldwide. With growth in the Australian real-estate now slowing to a more steady and sustainable pace, what should we be looking out for in the market to better prepare for what is coming? (more…)

As Australia cements its most successful quarterly gains in history, many are left asking the question of when the peak is in and if a sizeable correction may occur. It is illogical for any market to go up in a straight line, however the market can often stay irrational for longer than generally anticipated before the inevitable happens. (more…)

Crossing paths with tradies is unavoidable, whether you are actioning renovations or building a new house. How to find and identify a good one is another story altogether. Let us explore and share some useful tips on how to identify and tell which ones are better fit. (more…)

As we edge past the 2-week mark of the Stage-4 Melbourne lockdown, it is draining and extremely challenging for both businesses and everyone psychologically. Stage-4 restrictions allow for constructions to continue in a restricted manner, whilst all non-essential businesses are to be shut down and employees to work from home if possible. (more…)