News & Updates Housing Market Confidence Up as Restrictions Ease

16/10/2020by simplyframe

As Australians are dragged through a pandemic-induced recession in Australia, the housing market and sentiment has roared back into a strong rebound off the back of the recently announced federal budget.

The sentiment index was up nearly 1/3 compared to pre-budget announcement levels. In addition, signs are pointing to the reserve bank cutting the rates yet again in November; bringing the official cash rate down to zero or as close to zero as we have ever been. As we continue our journey through the uncharted territory of a global pandemic, lockdowns, low cash rates, recession and rising unemployment, it is increasingly difficult to forecast what will happen to the property market in the short-medium term.

The budget gave us a glimpse of what the projected deficits will look like in the next few years, and those numbers are both scary and unfathomable. In America, money is being printed at a rate that is hard to comprehend. As sentiment rises in the housing market, property investment is one of the many ways of safe-guarding against inflation in the long-term.

As lockdown restrictions ease in Victoria, there will be a long queue of jobs that will flood into the market. If you are planning a renovation for your residence or investment property in the near future, it is a good idea to get in early to prevent long waiting times on jobs.

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