Design and Ideas 5 Tips and Ideas on How to Use Mirrors in your Next Renovation or Home

07/11/2018by simplyframe

Mirrors have been around since approximately 600BC. They are now widely used both in home and office environments throughout the world today.

To use mirrors effectively in your home however does requires some thought and planning. Simple and conventional uses of mirrors are now mundane and saturated amongst the stock home interior designs. Stand out in your next home or renovation by considering the following tips when using mirrors for your lounge, bathroom, bedroom or kitchen:

1. Twin-fold or Tri-fold Mirrors in bathrooms for the modern look – still relatively unusual and visually unique, a 2 or 3-pane mirror above your sink angled appropriately in your bathroom can provide convenient viewing angles, increased space magnification and a relatively futuristic look.

2. Floor Mirror Walls to magnify walk-in wardrobe size and sunlight – walk-in wardrobes can never be big enough with our ever-increasing collection of shoes, clothing and attire. Enlarge your wardrobe with a full-length mirror-wall which doubles as a full length clone of yourself ensuring you are looking just right every-single-time.

3. Mirror with luminescent lighting/glow for the modern look in bathrooms – soft yet seductive, set the right mood for your bathroom by complimenting your mirror design with unique lighting. This is especially effective for bathrooms with the absence of windows.

4. Large Accent Mirror to compliment your stylish kitchen – nothing wrong with showing a bit of character in your kitchen. A large accent mirror will amplify unique characteristics, letting personality and style shine through.

5. More may not always be better – mirrors need to have a purpose whether it’s to accentuate space, sunlight or emphasize elements in your home. Placement and technique are the most important. An overflow of mirrors is not necessarily a good thing as it could end up sending complex and conflicting messages which will end up having an adverse effect on the overall interior design.

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