Design and Ideas Interesting Facts About Mirrors and Its Uses

04/11/2017by simplyframe

Mirrors have been around for a long time. Although not perceived positively by everyone, one will struggle to argue against its uses in interior designs which until modern day is still current and utilised extensively.

Mirrors have had a long history with one if its first dating back approximately 600 B.C. The first mirrors were extremely simplistic and were often made out of pool of water in a dark coloured container, or later evolving to be made out of copper, silver bronze and gold. The modern manufacturing process of mirrors were only developed in the 1800’s.

Although there are many uses for mirrors, it has also had its fair share of bad publicity. There are sayings of negative events happening around breaking a mirror or using it incorrectly. These superstitions often originated from the ancient times and have been passed down through generations until today.

With the ancient superstitious sayings aside, mirrors are wonderful to work with when used correctly. They are functional, reflective and can have a positive effect when designed into a room with limited space.

When used in conjunction with interior design, mirrors are often referred to have the properties of space magnification, endless ceiling and flotation effect. Being a focal point as well as many styles of decoration is also something that mirrors possess the abilities of enhancing.

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