News & Updates More Eco-Friendly Homes Starting with Glass

20/02/2019by simplyframe

As pollution increases and our planet’s health becomes an increasing concern, we all strive to do our part in improving the condition of the planet we call home.

By choosing the right materials for your next renovation, you can potentially save on energy consumption and boost overall energy efficiency. Through smarter architectural design and following Passive Design Principles, one’s home can be a lot more greener and environmentally friendly overall.

Glass, being 100% natural and 100% recyclable (when processed correctly) is one of the materials you do not want to overlook when you venture on making your home greener and more eco-friendly. Utilising maximal natural sunlight on cold days and retaining heat on cold ones, glass makes the ideal candidate when trying to cut down on energy consumption all-season-long.

Find out how frameless glass solutions can make your home more eco-friendly; get in touch with Simply Frameless today.