Design and Ideas Warming up your home as cold weather approaches

02/04/2017by simplyframe

As the cold weather starts to set in, we farewell the beach and bikini days of summer. It’s not all bad though, as we welcome the much-needed rain and dust off that puffer jacket readying it for some daily routine outings.

As we creep into the wintry months of the year, our exposure to daylight shortens. In 2017 Winter Solstice will be on the 21st June and as we approach this day we creep under 10 hours of daylight.

We all need exposure to some sunlight to keep healthy and for some to keep grumpiness and depression at bay. Make sure you are getting the maximum exposure to the scarce and limited supply of sunlight at home by looking into where you can optimise and allow sunlight to shine in. By brightening up your home, you can brighten up your day which can improve your productivity throughout the gloomy season. Your energy bill will also likely to drop, as optimal amount of natural sunlight are being leveraged to organically warm-up your home.

Care for some ideas on how you can brighten your home? Speak to Simply Frameless today and see how we can help you lighten up your daily place of residence.