Design and Ideas Modern Trend – The Dark Theme

02/05/2017by simplyframe

As it may seem, the trend of darker tones are coming back and on the rise again. There’s something about the darker tones coupled with simplicity and modern design giving a futuristic soothing feeling.

We all need a bit of light and many of you would agree that a bright room full of lighter pieces of furniture as well as decorations liven up the room. But there’s something about the darker trends and themes that makes an aged home look modern and cool again.

Dark is easy on the eye. It may not be the best for summer, but it’s surely more warming during those miserable cold winter days. Want the feeling of sophistication? The darker theme at home may just be the differentiation you are looking for if you are seeking a contemporary looking home as it often gives a modern and futuristic vibe. Effective use of dark shades coupled with elegant glass concept pieces will enrich and change the whole outlook of your home.

Play the dark shades right, consult an interior designer together with Simply Frameless for expert advice on how you can maximise your return for investment to get everything to look exactly the way you want it to.