News & Updates The looming recession and what it means for you

05/09/2019by simplyframe

As more signs point to an inevitable corporate debt recession, there is a lot of stir-up around the world including trade-wars, protests and legislative changes all of which will have rippling effects on the global economy.

The word recession is normally negatively connotated. Rightly so too, as many face a stressful and grim period of financial instability. To an opportunist though, a recession is like having a global sale. Bargains can be found everywhere as everyone struggles for liquid cashflow.

A recession is inevitable, it is a cycle that passes through periodically. Know how to plan for this and you are winning. As the Australian housing market still hangs in uncertainty and construction activity crumbles, it is no longer difficult to get hold of contractors to execute renovation tasks, unlike a few years ago whereby they have too much work and do not care less about smaller jobs at hand.

Timing is everything so learn to play to your strengths in market conditions. There are good times to buy, good times to sell and good times for renovations to take place. With the property market only starting to recover from the dip, it is a good time for renovation and the market remains a buyer’s one.

So go out there, action that overdue bathroom renovation you have been thinking about for months already and take advantage of the current state of the construction activity.