Design and Ideas Your Melbourne home may be the hidden gem you have been looking for

29/11/2016by simplyframe

Do you think the house prices are incredibly expensive and out of budget? You are not alone. As house prices surge, home buyers are forced to look further and further away from the city in order to counter the price-rise. But do you already own a home and only looking to upgrade? You may already be sitting on the hidden gem you are looking for.

A lot of home owners prep their homes to sell off with much overdue renovations, fixtures, fittings and even landscaping; effectively turning their old and aging home into a much refreshed and modern one. We only then realise how much potential and how nice the home we are living in actually is, but often by then its too late and the new home-owners are the ones to enjoy and reap the benefits.

So before going out to the market and looking at relocating your place of residence, first look under the hood to see what you already have; whether it makes more sense to spend money carrying out various componentry renovations and enhancements or if the actual upgrade and move to another property is more worth-while. It is surprising how much a simple renovation can modernise an aging home.

The three signs that you should consider renovation over selling / buying:

  1. You are the owner of your home (i.e. you are not renting) and your property is either a house or townhouse
  2. You are already located in a relatively good suburb and the maturity of the surrounding infrastucture are in place
  3. The structure of your home whilst isn’t new, is sturdy, low maintenance and you like the layout as well as the feel/vibe of your current residence

The first step is always realisation. Discover the possibilities; make a wise and informed decision.