Design and Ideas Modern Home Trends

28/09/2016by simplyframe

The ever-evolving modern day home interior and exterior designs are keeping all of us on our toes whether we are designing a new home to move into or renovating our beloved existing properties we come home to everyday.

So what is the trend and where is everything going? Well, apparently we like open-plan living. Various statistics have shown that in the last 2 years leading up to now and possibly moving forward in the near future, our preference for open-plan living will continue.

Open-plan living isn’t all without its problems though, as unrestricted space overlapping kitchen, living and dining areas are often the cause of unwanted food smells as well as surplus acoustics that can easily be avoided with conventionally defined living, kitchen and dining areas.

With the disadvantages aside, modern and well-architected open-plan living is simply breath-taking. The spacious feeling is simply irresistible for those that do not like to be crammed into small living rooms or kitchens that are confined in its own space. Beautiful glass architectures in stairs, kitchen splash-backs, doors and mirrors help magnify the sense of openness and space.
Talk to Simply Frameless and see how we can help you make your open-plan living area a reality and how our glass, splash-back and mirror solutions will supersede your expectations.

Last but not least, have a happy AFL Grand Finals Day this weekend from our Simply Frameless Team in Victoria.