Design and Ideas Bathroom Trends of 2018

07/03/2018by simplyframe

Have your eye on a bathroom renovation or designing your brand new house and need some ideas? Check out these popular ideas that will hopefully give you some fresh new ideas on bathrooms styles that last 2018 and beyond.

The trend of late for homes have been increasingly open and modern to give the spacious and sophisticated feeling. Bathrooms are no exception to this and, much like the kitchen, we like our space and feeling of a beautifully large and modern area.

Some factors essential in achieving the modern and spacious effects to consider are the height of the roof, colour, placement of mirrors and the use of glass. Without actually increasing the size of your bathroom, these components have a powerful ability in influencing how space is perceived and can magnify even a tight space if used correctly.

Oversized Bathroom Tiles are widely used and trendy as it gives a more positive perception of space compared to smaller conventional tiles which seem tightly mapped and crowded. Larger tiles are also a lot easier to clean which is a big deal when it comes to bathrooms as this is the place where they will be continually exposed to moisture and water. Choose a modern colour matching other components of the bathroom to get that perfect modern look and feel.

Glass with Timber Combo; the ageless combo. And this isn’t exclusively coming into trend in 2018, it has already been widely used previously. This combination never seems to get old and is the perfect look in almost all parts of the house including the bathroom. Magnify and stress the beautiful timber and wooden elements of your bathroom as well as other parts of the house by positioning glass elements in front, behind or on top of element viewing angles.

Ceiling Showers have been used extensively in luxury hotels and resorts world-wide. Why not give yourself the feeling of luxury at home by implementing ceiling showers? Not only is the feeling of water coming down from overhead enjoyable, it is also elegant and a space saver.

Catch onto these trends in 2018 and make sure you future-proof the bathroom of your dreams!